Morningside Heights Historic District Committee

Preserving, Celebrating, and Discovering the Story of our Community

Cool Stuff!

Don’t get us wrong, we like books and appreciate understanding different perspectives on the past. But the real work of our organization exists in connecting with people today and making the long and interesting story of our neighborhood come alive.

And is it ever alive…

Here is coverage of our member Jim Mackin’s recent book, “Notable New Yorkers of Manhattan’s Upper West Side – Bloomingdale, Morningside Heights.” This is a treasure trove of information on hundreds of prominent New Yorkers who have lived in our midst over the past century-plus. Check it out!

Following are images of our famous tours and other events we’ve organized over the years. Please contact us to learn more or get involved.

Thanks to Steve Friedman for the great photos!

Historic Districts Committee Walking Tour of Morningside Heights. Click on the image above for the tour route.
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