Morningside Heights Historic District Committee

Preserving, Celebrating, and Discovering the Story of our Community


Among the city’s diverse neighborhoods, Morningside Heights stands apart…

Professor Andrew Dolkart, 1998

Active since the 1990s, the Morningside Heights Historic District Committee is committed to preserving the architectural and cultural history of our unique community in Manhattan.

Our two main preservation priorities are:

Firstly, to expand existing New York City Historic District protections in Morningside Heights, which currently cover only a small portion of our neighborhood.

Secondly, to seek New York City landmark designation for McGiffert Hall, a beautiful and historic building in the northern portion of our community.

We also celebrate the wonderful history and culture of Morningside Heights through in-person and online events and programs, including walking tours, seminars, and lectures.

You can learn more about our work by clicking on the image below to watch our short video.

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