Please support our efforts to preserve our history

The Morningside Heights Historic District Committee is singularly focused on preserving what matters in our great neighborhood. The overwhelming majority of our work is conducted by volunteers — neighbors who care about the history of our neighborhood and understand it must be fought for on a daily basis.

As a registered 501(c)(3) organization, MHHDC has ongoing operational expenses related to communications and administrative activities. We hope you will consider supporting our efforts through a tax-deductible contribution.

Donating takes only a few moments. Please join our growing group of supporters as we continue the effort to honor our shared past and improve our daily life in Morningside Heights. Thank you for your support; it is critical.

Overwhelming support for expanding Historic District protections in Morningside Heights

Our recent online survey provided neighbors with an opportunity to express their views on a number of issues. The expansion of existing Historic District protections was a top issue for respondents, with 88% agreeing this is an important aspect of protecting our community. You can see the full survey report here.

Please join us in raising awareness on this critical issue. We will soon be announcing opportunities for community outreach, history-themed events, and other interesting programs.

Jane’s Walk NYC 2021! Please view our virtual tour of Morningside Heights and efforts underway to protect our community from overdevelopment

The Morningside Heights Historic District Committee is pleased to be participating in Jane’s Walk NYC 2021. This global program promotes preservation and community development and is a mainstay of the Municipal Arts Society. Our participation takes the form of an online presentation on local history and architecture, as well as the Historic District proposal process being undertaken by MHHDC to protect our vulnerable neighborhood. You can watch the video here. Thank you to the MAS for including us!

April Newsletter

Just out…please view our monthly newsletter, Historic Morningside Heights, here. In the issue are descriptions of our Jane’s Walk NYC 2021 online community tour, petition updates, and our new survey in support of Phase II Historic Districting.

March Newsletter: Updates on our two priorities for 2021. Please join our Zoom presentation on 3/24 at 5:30pm

Here’s the March issue of Historic Morningside Heights. We remain focused on seeking Landmark status for McGiffert Hall and on expanding our Historic District protections. Please register here for our 3/24 Zoom presentation at 5:30pm to hear details from architectural historian Gregory Dietrich and Kelly Carroll of the Historic Districts Council. We look forward to seeing you online!

Zoom Presentation on 3/24 at 5:30pm: Expanding our Historic District Protections in Morningside Heights. Registration Required

Please join us for a very timely and interesting discussion on what we must do to provide greater protections to our community during this era of real estate overdevelopment.

Architectural historian Gregory Dietrich and Kelly Carroll of the Historic Districts Council will lead the conversation and offer their views on the policies and practical realities related to our “Phase II” Historic District campaign.

Registration required here.

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Our Monthly Newsletter Describes How We’ll Expand our Historic District Protections

During this time of seemingly nonstop real estate development in Morningside Heights — overdevelopment — a committed group of neighbors and advocates has been planning to have more of our neighborhood designated an NYC Historic District. This needs to become a wide community effort if it’s going to succeed. We need your involvement! This month, our newsletter features the background and expectations associated with this effort, which we’re calling our Phase II. Check it out here!

Wishing all our neighbors a Happy Martin Luther King Day. We feature Dr. King in the latest issue of our newsletter.

MHHDC is proud of our neighborhood hosting Dr. King on several occasions. We feel he would approve of our community-based priorities, which are described in the latest issue of Historic Morningside Heights here.

As we begin a new year, let us recommit ourselves to protecting our unique and wonderful neighborhood.

Read all about it. Then let’s get to work in Saving McGiffert Hall.

MHHDC Robert Stern’s op-ed in the Columbia Spectator compellingly describes the potential threat to McGiffert Hall. Please read this piece and share your thoughts with us here.

While you have a few moments, please also join over 600 of our Morningside Heights neighbors in signing the petition to landmark this gem of our community.

Real estate overdevelopment — mostly of luxury, out-of-scale residential towers — is ruining our community, step by step. As neighbors, we must demand a voice in determining the future of Morningside Heights. It is up to us to protect and improve our neighborhood.

Zoom Presentation: How to Map your Local Subway, presented by John Tauranac, 12/8, 6pm

Somehow, we all manage to get from point A to point B on the subway. There have been any number of approaches to mapping the subway over the years, and focusing on points A, B, and everything in between is actually the fun part for people like Upper West Sider, historian and map maker John Tauranac. His subterranean transport trails take us deep inside the Hydra. He’ll share historic subway maps, including the recent digitized approach, and guide us through mapping highs and lows, successes and epic fails. 

Whether you’re a fan of design, maps, history, puzzle-solving, or the great John Tauranac, you’ll enjoy this wholly unique perspective on the modern relic that is the NYC subway system!

This event is free of charge; register here.