Read all about it. Then let’s get to work in Saving McGiffert Hall.

MHHDC Robert Stern’s op-ed in the Columbia Spectator compellingly describes the potential threat to McGiffert Hall. Please read this piece and share your thoughts with us here.

While you have a few moments, please also join over 600 of our Morningside Heights neighbors in signing the petition to landmark this gem of our community.

Real estate overdevelopment — mostly of luxury, out-of-scale residential towers — is ruining our community, step by step. As neighbors, we must demand a voice in determining the future of Morningside Heights. It is up to us to protect and improve our neighborhood.

Zoom Presentation: How to Map your Local Subway, presented by John Tauranac, 12/8, 6pm

Somehow, we all manage to get from point A to point B on the subway. There have been any number of approaches to mapping the subway over the years, and focusing on points A, B, and everything in between is actually the fun part for people like Upper West Sider, historian and map maker John Tauranac. His subterranean transport trails take us deep inside the Hydra. He’ll share historic subway maps, including the recent digitized approach, and guide us through mapping highs and lows, successes and epic fails. 

Whether you’re a fan of design, maps, history, puzzle-solving, or the great John Tauranac, you’ll enjoy this wholly unique perspective on the modern relic that is the NYC subway system!

This event is free of charge; register here.

Watch our Video: The Case to Save McGiffert Hall

MHHDC presented this compelling argument for the preservation of McGiffert Hall in Morningside Heights on November 18. You can watch the video here, presented by architectural historian Gregory Dietrich.

This is a major focus of effort for our organization, given the strong indications that this historic is under threat. You can learn more about our efforts and sign our petition to designate McGiffert Hall a landmark here.